About Us

We are a bookkeeping company that is willing to help individuals and small businesses to maintain their financial books and keep them up to date. Our focus has mainly been on individuals, however, as our clients grow we want to grow with them so we are welcoming all small businesses to work with us.  We understand that time is usually very scarce and yet very important hence our clients will not always have enough time to keep up with the paper work.We are professionals that can help you to mantain the paper work up to date. We will help you know your financial position.


We communicate the progress of your work very effectively so that you will keep in track of the work done.We are very mobile and flexible to the working location.Its all up to you to lets us work in your office or to give us your books then we will return them within an agreed time period. To the clients who will be a bit far from our location online service is open for you so you are not disadvantaged.

Our current location is Queensland but we will be expanding all over Australia in the next few years.


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